English Cutaway and Wide Spread Collar

There are two styles, the English cutaway collar and he wide spread collar. These collars are best suited for wide or larger tie knots like the Full Windsor.

Regular Spread Business and Regular Spread Button-Down Collar

If you have smaller or medium sized tie knots like the half Windsor than the Regular Spread business collar is best for such knots. The button down works best with solid colored narrow ties and best with sports jacket or with a blazer. This still is not as popular at the workplace.

Shirt Pocket Style

If you don’t require a pen or such items to carry in a pocket than the rule is don’t have a shirt pocket. A shirt without a pocket has a sharper look.

Shirt Cuff Style

There are six possible cuff styles to pick from. There are three available in the practical regular cuff, the regular round, square and angle. There is also three choices in the more formal French cuff, such as the French round, French square, and French angle.