Flat Front

Flat front which is most streamlined and appealing for the slimmer man. exclusive custom Tailoring for man and women.

Single Pleat

Single pleat offers a little more room than the flat front is more comfortable. exclusive custom Tailoring for man and women.

Double Pleat

The double pleat is designed to provide comfort and give for larger men. exclusive custom Tailoring for man and women.

Back Pocket Style

There are two options available in back pockets. One pocket on the right side or two pockets that will give your trousers grace.

Cuff Style

Trousers can either be sewn with no cuff or with a cuff of 1.5”. The no cuff is a current trend and the 1.5” cuff is more traditional and found on the trousers of older men, the cuff style should be avoided by shorter men as it gives the appearance of legs being shorter, where no cuff trousers will help elongate the appearance of their legs.

Trouser Half Lining Style

Most trouser that are bought are lined only in the front and half way. If you require more re-enforcement that you should consider having the back half lined as well. It will increase the life of your trousers as well.

Trouser Full Lining Style

Another option is to have trousers lined in full. If you choose the option to line your trousers in full, it would be mean that not only are trousers lined back and front but they are also lined from top to bottom.