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It’s important that you buy at least two single-breasted, two-piece suits. The two-button look is a longtime business standard, but the three-button look has been making several comebacks. It will often depend on your height, as taller gentlemen has a better chance to look good in a three-button suit.
While a black suit always works, a navy blue one is stylistically a better option, as it’ll help you subtly stand out from the professional crowd. Similarly, a dark gray suit (with or without pinstripes) provides a number of shirt-and-tie combos.

Jacket Styles

A jacket that is essential worn to take a casual outfit and give it style. Trend setters have taken this stand-alone jacket and brought it to the workplace as a suit. This jacket style was not common for suits but with changing trends the one button jacket is becoming more and more popular at the workplace. Keep in mind that the one button jacket style is not like a traditional jacket. The length of a one button jacket is usually shorter than other jackets.

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Lapel Style

This is the most commonly used lapels. The name is given because of the notch that is cut out of the lapel. You will see the use of this lapel blazers, jackets or suits designed for the workplace, casual jackets, whether they are sports or leather.

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Pocket Style And Variations

The standard type of pocket found on most jackets. With a straight pocket there is a variation available where you can have a small pocket located above the right pocket which is about half the width of the regular pocket. These pockets were originally used for keeping train tickets or bus tickets.

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Jacket Cuff Style

Just like any other aspect of a jacket, there are different styles for the cuffs as well. Depending on what your own style is you can pick from working cuff buttons to cuffs that sport buttons for show only.

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Jacket Stitching

No matter what material is chosen for the jacket you wear, the stitching will define how it looks on your build and the look you hope to achieve. Take the time to consider which stitching is best suited for your style.

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Jacket Vent Style

Many people have a tendency to ignore the vent when deciding on a jacket. What is not realized is the type of vent that is used on a jacket plays a huge factor in how the jacket feels and looks on an individual. Consider the various vent choices before making a decision on a jacket.

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When picking out a vest you have the option of two types of neck types, you can either pick a ‘U-neck’ or you can opt for ‘V-neck’

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Even if you’ve picked up a couple of suits, you probably need at least one blazer too. As always, stick to brown, gray, black, and navy. Avoid fabrics like corduroy and velvet, as well as tweed patterns. While these can be cool and trendy, they can be a bit too informal for the traditional office — only wear them if you work is less formal.

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Separate dress pants will give you more potential combinations with different colored dress shirts, ties and blazers. Dark gray, black or brown dress pants and a pair of khakis will ensure you have clothing for any occasion. To the untrained eye, most dress pants look the same. Pleats aren’t for everyone, nor are cuffs, so be sure to ask our experts what style will suit you best before purchasing.

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Dress Shirts

The collar of a shirt is what makes the shirt, the aspect that is visible to all and that is focused on the most. It defines the overall appeal of your shirt.

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Top Coats

Essentially topcoats are light weight overcoats. They are to be worn over a suit and that is how we attain the name Topcoats, it is worn on top of something else.

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At Milan we believe that uniforms are just as important as suits. They represent an organization and the individuals who wear them should be proud of the position and company they represent when they wear their uniform. We not only offer stitching of uniforms, we also will design them. If you want something unique that has grace and elegance than you chose the right place. Here at Milan tailors we offer a variety of fabric from which a uniform can be created from and designs that will even make a simple uniform look classy.

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