Sports jacket with metal button

If you are thinking of buying a sports jacket that is interchangeable between boating and hunting. They usually are a navy blue in color but lighter shades of blues are also possible. Keep in mind that the more popular aspect of sports jacket is their metallic buttons in gold or silver. It sets them apart from your regular suit jackets this way, making it unique and different.

Sports jacket with lather elbow

These jackets were originally designed for hunters but are now meant to be worn casually. The elbow patches should be worn in contrast to the jackets main color and pattern. If you have a light colored base to the jacket than the elbow patch should be a darker shade of brown or black usually but can be any other solid color of your choosing. If the jacket’s main color is dark than you can also pick lighter shades to use in contrast as elbow patches. These keeps the jacketing elegant while keeping your style and look understated.

Sports blazers

A more traditional look that has lasted through the ages is known for its solid dark colors. Blazers are the in-between jacket. It can be used formally or casually. They are more comfortable and roomier than a suit jacket yet are more fitted than a sports jacket. Fabric used for blazers is smoother and sturdier in texture than suit jackets.