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Celebrity Services

We are changing the concept of traditional tailoring, with suiting experts on wheels it’s all about Class, comfort, fun 
Here is how we deliver what we just said!!!

Saving on Time
Minimum saving of 4 to 6 hours

You were always complaining of not having enough time to spend with your family, kids & friends, you been heard, as we bring celebrity experience at the place of your convenience, wherewith the participation of your family & friends and our stylist, not only you choose best but everyone enjoys being the part of selection & suggestion process. You get suited up, they feel important & being loved when you ask them to help you choose, while we are on our job. 

  • You enjoy Process with friends & Family, they feel loved & important
  • It is very easy for you to choose the best in the presence of our stylist, friends & family.
  • You save min 4 to 6 hours of your time you will be spending for driving around and booking appointments for Measurements, fittings, Alterations, by we delivering all of it at your doorstep 
  • On your request, we all also arrange suiting parties with you & your friends while drinks on us


Our Clothing

We tailor Suits to authenticate your actual lifestyle, Using High-End Latest branded fabrics & trend

  • Our Complimentary stylist guides you to choose the right Style & Pattern 
  • More than 10 high-end brands to choose fabric from as per your taste & budget.
  • 23 measurements and 3 Photographs for better crafting
  • We carefully take care of your personal preferences while sharing additional features you may need (Pockets, Buttons, Linings & thread colours, etc.)
  • We don’t charge extra for the monogram or initials of your name


Saving on Money

You pay 30 to 50 % less than market

Wait a minute you might think; how can we offer exclusive suiting brands and services at this price?

  • Being tailors on wheels, we don’t carry overheads like physical stores, that clients like you pay for at the time of purchase.
  • We have great relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious suiting brands and get bulk discounts which makes it less pricy.
  • And if you deduct what you save on Time, Styling advice, Alterations, shipping, and other perks, you actually pay 50% less as compared to retail price for the same clothing.

Suppose you bought a Zegna suit from Milan Tailors for $3000, the exact same suit will cost $4200 plus from retail stores. And even if you deduct what you save on time, advice, Alterations, shipping and other perks, the actual cost will be around $2000, just compare the total value you are receiving from us vs retail store.

Luxurious highly customized Suit for Success with Huge savings on TIME & MONEY is not it, there is a lot more ONLY WE ARE OFFERING?

Bonus, Bonus, and 14 other Bonuses by Having Us at Your Side

  1. Lifetime free alteration should you lose or put on weight, we leave a 2-inch seam-allowance
  2. Welcome package Worth $ 80(Silk Tie, Cufflinks, Mercerize Socks)
  3. Free $25 Gift card for every $1000 gift card bought
  4. Easy payment structure; stop dreaming start buying high end branded clothing
  5. No taxes for clients out of Canada
  6. Free Tie with every suit 
  7. Free shirt on every new year for regular clients
  8. Free shipment
  9. Efficient customer service. Within 48 hours of response time
  10. Online ordering & selection
  11. Quick turnaround time, get your clothes within 21 working days
  12. Local based representative to fulfill your needs
  13. We visit your area every quarter.
  14. Generously rewarding Referral program, ask for details


Let’s Talk About Your Look


Schedule an appointment to find out how to create a confident impression with your wardrobe look forward to meeting with you. If things don’t go the way you expect – let us know so we can make it right. We always do. Guaranteed

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