This is the most commonly used lapels. The name is given because of the notch that is cut out of the lapel. You will see the use of this lapel blazers, jackets or suits designed for the workplace, casual jackets, whether they are sports or leather.


It is most commonly found on tuxedos, but is becoming more common on workplaces suits as well. The name is used for the points of the lapel where it nears the shoulders. Pin strips or solid colors are recommended for this style.


This style is mostly found on white jackets or on solid black jackets, if you prefer you can create a contrast effect, have a black lapel on a white jacket or a white lapel on a black jacket. This style of lapel is curve with no angels or points. This style of lapel is mostly found on formal jackets such as dinner jackets, or tuxedos. The lapel usually has a satin finishing.